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Lamprey River 100 Year Flood Risk Project

Assessing the Risk of 100-year Freshwater Floods in the Lamprey River Watershed of New Hampshire Resulting from Changes in Climate and Land Use

Photo of Lamprey Flood

Project Description

Coastal communities in New England are confronting the effects of rapid development and associated land use change, while also dealing with the serious impacts of an increase in extreme precipitation events.  Both factors influence the frequency and magnitude of flood events.  In response, local decision-makers and regional planners are seeking improved scientific information regarding flood risk as a basis for guiding development and planning infrastructure investments. 

To address this gap, this NOAA funded project is assessing flood risk associated with existing and future land use and climate change scenarios for the Lamprey River watershed of Great Bay, NH to support land use decision-making. Key products include maps at the watershed and municipality scale of the 100-year flood risk boundaries and river discharge at specific locations under selected land use and climate change scenarios.

What is a 100 year flood?

How does land use affect flooding?

How does the climate affect flooding?

What can I do in my community about flooding?

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